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Strong dictatorship is better than weak democracy
  • Positive side
            Some modern thinkers did not distinguish between autocracy and dictatorship, and even uses the term both with the same sense. But between them there is a difference of nature. There is a time where the absolute monarchy developed, but they can not be held as a dictator. The nature of the characteristics of a dictator is a principal source of power from their own thinking.
McIver succinctly explains the basic elements of the dictator as follows;
Each has a variety of constitutional, with the understanding that explains the power circuit is set in the basic law, which the government agreed to not experience a setback or disaster. So also with the dictators who choose the power, by setting a single basic truth as they wish. 
Every State generally, people feel uneasy about the source of powers, whether the decision lies in the community, or to follow the gods or the desire to follow the sacred traditions. Dictator appeared to put aside all anxiety is what belongs to them that are the only answer to life.
From here we can understand that the dictator does not rely on the power of legal, social recognition or on tradition. But here lies the inherent contradiction between dictatorship and the right power.

1. Strengthen national unity.
Protruding from both sides of the dictator is to strengthen national unity and solidarity. While characterizing the type of democracy. Various groups, parties and groups fighting or struggling to achieve a power. There lies the influence of national unity. Otherwise free of dictators such weakness; unity in the government of dictator will not be hurt. if those elements that disturb the surface appears, it will be suppressed until roots.
2. Efficient form of government.
From the administrative point of view dictator, appeared in an efficient and superior to democracy. Dictator does not like wasting time in a discussion. She uses that tight control of all government equipment. Really appreciate the good dictators, but, on the other hand it is not oppressive discipline and lack of proper use. Dictators also determine all administrative bodies and desire all sectors of the population. Dictator is very easy to set one rule of law, which is adhered without experiencing severe constraints. Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin and Mao are the dictator, which provides an efficient system of government and the right for their country. Instead of democracy experienced instability.
  • negative side
Freedom is a basic characteristic for the development of general personality. Without freedom is like life without both tendons within the epidermis. Democracy is a form of government which guarantees individual liberty. In democratic countries freedom of thought, association and freedom of the press is guaranteed. Philosophy of democracy asserts that the individual is a goal or an accomplishment of the suffix and wealth to achieve those goals. Democracy guarantees every person a desire within the community, will even be a consideration. As well as government decision or determination does not escape from the dole together. In democratic countries do not deserve someone harmed or say that his opinion was never heard. 
1. Guarantee equal rights 
Standing fight for equal rights of democracy. He argues for consideration of the equal rights of every individual and community groups. He also gives equal rights of all kinds, regardless of which caste, creed, race, religion, sexuality, and others. Democracy does not recognize a special privilege. In democratic countries all equal before the eyes of the law, and all have equal rights in politics. With in the state of democracy and poor people have equal rights within a conglomerate propose their opinions. In this democratic country that can not be denied is that there is equality of rights between men and women. 
2. Educating People commoners 
            Democracy is a massive experiment in terms of education of the people. He encouraged the attention in terms of public welfare. When elections take place, every opinion is good given the opportunity to convey. The principal issue is always discussed in all aspects, and examined from every angle. The policy was also formulated, and all programs are recorded, and through these media will be transmitted to people's knowledge. From the things people know and understand this is really any problem within the government. Every decision will be taken after discussion, and then set to be considered opinion. Each one's view will be explained and taken advantage. Every thought must broaden the horizon and to be wise. 

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