Jumat, 18 Maret 2011

That we should ban all tobacco advertising
Positive side:
            At the latest by the end of the year 2010, tobacco advertising, including cigarette advertising in mass media, is prohibited. Government regulation of the ban is now being made for the Department of Health and a number of associated partners. This was conveyed by members of the board daily Indonesian Consumers Foundation, Tulus Abadi told the press, in an interactive dialogue between the enforcement of no smoking areas (KDM) in Terminal Kampung Rambutan, East Jakarta, Monday (21/12/2009). According to the law commands, a year after the Act (the Act) number 36 of 2009 on Health was passed, government regulation (PP) which regulates the implementation of the Act had to be done. So if the Law number 36 was approved in November 2009, the PP should have applied his November 2010. That means, starting the end of the year 2010, cigarette advertising is prohibited. In a dialogue about the KDM, Sincerity warned, according to law number two in 2005 on Air Pollution Control, which among other things ban smoking in public transport affirmed, offenders punishable by a fine of USD 50 million. Nevertheless, the terminal manager who is considered as the responsible, can only warn or reprimand, rather than acting.
In article 113 paragraph two of this Act mentioned, tobacco or cigarettes into the addictive product category or addictive substances. Therefore, should not be advertised as alcohol, or alcohol. Sales can not be done haphazardly, like now. Tobacco companies sponsor sports activities is also prohibited. Strangely, even though cigarettes are addictive and carcinogenic, and deadly, cigarette advertising is still justified, even with aggressive held imaging strategy that is misleading.
Negative side
Government revenues from cigarette excise tax has been great is that?
I think if we do not have cigarette advertising, we do not have sporting events in Indonesia.
Let see our league history. Dunhill, Gudang garam league, Djisamsoe, a mild soundrenaline, Wismilak cup. Because state-owned companies own don't give sponsors. Maybe the donation is being corrupted. Who knows?
If I may advise the National Commission for the Protection of Children and all those who care about the health of children and young people, should not cigarette advertisements on television in question. Better you make an advertisement of cigarettes through other media who obviously can look at all the time. Better yet if you ask the Minister of Youth and Sports to refuse tobacco sponsorship at events involving young children such as music festivals and sports matches. Or invites film directors and producers for not showing scenes of people smoking in the film.

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