Senin, 07 Maret 2011

The characteristics grammar translation method


1.      foreign language teaching method

2.      derived from the classical

3.      sometimes called traditional

4.       method of teaching Greek and Latin.

5.      The method requires students to translate whole texts word for word

6.      and memorize numerous grammatical rules and exceptions

7.      enormous vocabulary lists.

8.      The goal of this method is to be able to read and translate literary masterpieces and classics.

9.      Classes were conducted in the native language.

10.   A chapter in a distinctive textbook of this method would begin with a massive bilingual vocabulary list.

11.  Grammar points would come directly from the texts and be presented contextually in the textbook, to be explained elaborately by the instructor.

12.  Grammar thus provided the rules for assembling words into sentences.

13.   Tedious translation and grammar drills would be used to exercise and strengthen the knowledge without much attention to content.

14.  Sentences would be deconstructed and translated. Eventually, entire texts would be translated from the target language into the native language and tests would often ask students to replicate classical texts in the target language.

15.   Very little attention was placed on pronunciation or any communicative aspects of the language. The skill exercised was reading, and then only in the context of translation.

16.  The Grammar Translation Method is the oldest method of teaching in India 

17. Translation interprets the words and phrases of the foreign languages in the best possible manner. 

18. The phraseology and the idiom of the target language can best be assimilated in the process of interpretation. 

19. The structures of the foreign languages are best learned when compared and contrast with those of mother tongue.

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