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Analysis of A Cinderella Story Movie

1. What is the story about?
A Cinderella story is about Samantha’s life on parent trap of step mother and her romantic love.
2. What is the time setting of the movie?
The time setting of the movie is At 2004 when Sam Montgomery was in Senior High
3. What places(cities or countries ) are cited in the movie?
This movie is cited in Northridge, California, United States.
4. Describe those places?
Northridge is a community in the San Fernando Valley Region of the City of Los Angeles, California, United States. Northridge is a small country which is located behind hill. In 11945, an earthquake had destroyed this town.
5. Who are the main characters?
Sam Montgomery, Austin Ames, and Fiona.

6.              How do you describe them?

Samantha Montgomery is a high school senior residing in the San Fernando Valley of California. The tragic death of her father during her childhood left her to be part of her step-family, with a cruel step mother and unintelligent, annoying and self-centered twin step sisters. Her dream is to attend Princeton University, and throughout the film we see her studying for exams, proving she is a hard working student. Sam works at her step mother Fiona's diner, which was formerly her father’s. Sam is unpopular and rather unknown at school, but has a secret virtual relationship with a boy who goes to school with her, although his identity is not known to her straight away. A 'fairy godmother' comes to Sam's rescue in the form of fellow diner worker, Rhonda.

Austin ames is a quarterback of the football team and the most popular boy at school who is currently dating Shelby. He is a kind and smart boy. His dream is to attend Princeton University, but his father doesn’t want him to attend it.His father always takes control of his life. His father is present at the pep rally and has been pressuring Austin to attend college to play football at USC, his almamater. Austin has never told his father he really wants to attend Princeton University. Princeton University is his dream. Every day,after school, Austin works at his father’s washing car shop.

Fiona is Samantha’s step mother. She is a cruel step mother and egoist, arogan women.She has unintelligent, annoying and self-centered twin step sisters. She never thinks about Sam’s life. She just thinks about money. Always spending money going to salon, making up her face and body, shopping is her life. Because Sam’s father was dead, she inherits a diner which turned  father's cafe into a girly hot-pink hot spot and forces Sam to work as a "diner girl".

7. Take one character in the movie and state your opinion about him/her?
I take Samantha Montgomery because she is a smart student. She always gets a good score at school even though her step mother never gives her to study and always asks her to work . And she is a hard worker. She never complain about her life.

8. What can you learn from the movie?
We got some moral values from this movie.It was a perfect family film, normal crushes, and such. Lots of self confidence, and showing how much you need your friends. That timeless, and useful quote, "never let the fear of striking out, keep you from playing the game". After we saw that movie, and heard that line, we changed our lifestyle of leaving everything, calm, boring, and not the way we wanted it. We were afraid that we wouldn't be accepted if we didn't do a certain thing, or if we did a certain thing. We were wrong, and this movie, strange as it may sound, gave me the nerve to do some things we never would have done on our own. Definitely something to see if your feeling left out, or need something that will show you, that dreams can come true

9. Do you agree and disagree about something in the movie?
We agree with the things bellow :
-          Never let the fear of striking out, keep you from playing the game .
It means that we have to try, try, and try before we really decide to give up.
-          Sam’s spirit .
She is working at her step mother Fiona's diner, which was formerly her father’s sincerely. Although she almost has no time to study because of her job, but she can get a high score. Even she is accepted in the Princeton University, one of a best university in the world.
-          Austin’s bravery.
His father has pressure him to study at USC which has a good football team. But actually Austin wants to study at the Princeton University. In the end of the story, he successes to make his father change his mind and allows him to study at Princeton University.
We disagree with the things bellow :
-          parent trap of step mother
Sam has a cruel step mother, named Fiona. She never allows Sam to enjoy what she should has. She always asks Sam to do all her house’s job, works as a diner girl and so makes Sam almost has no time to study. Sam isn’t objected as hersekf daughter.
-          Fiona’s behaviour.
She always underestimates the poor people, like Sam and Fiona’s workers at her diner. In her mind, there is just money, money and money. She spends her money to go to salon, make up her body and skin and anythings else which are actually unimportant.
-          Austin’s father behaviour
He forces Austin to study at USC because he wants Austin to be a good football player since he was a child. He doesn’t care if Austin doesn’t want that at all. He always controlls everythings that Austin does.

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