Selasa, 22 Maret 2011

Teach Student not Material

Teaching is a complex process. Not only conveying information from teacher to student, but also Many of the activities or actions to be undertaken, especially if you want a better learning outcomes for all students .
Teaching is an organized activity or measure (manage) the learning environment better so that there is good learning and fun. Or in other words, teaching is creating a learning environment system. It is an interrelated component includes: instructional objectives are achieved, the lesson taught, teachers and students who play a role as well in a particular social relations.
The position of teachers in this sense is no longer viewed as the sole ruler in the classroom or school, but as a manager of learning is supposed to be learning managers is always ready to help and guide students in their journey into manhood itself a full and thorough.
Learning process are two activities that take place concurrently, simultaneously and has a focus that is understood together. As a planned activity, learning has a purpose that is permanent, is a change in the students both in terms of scientific, ways of thinking, level of maturity and behavior.
In the context of teaching, changes in these students are clearly the product and effort of teachers through teaching activities. This is understandable because the teaching is a special activity undertaken and guide teachers to help students acquire skills for change and development (skills), attitude, Appreciation (award) and knowledge.
So in this context, a teacher not only sued as a teacher in charge conveys a particular subject matter but also must be able to play a role as educators. In order to carry out their duties well, a teacher needs to have knowledge and understanding of various learning principles, especially the following principles:
·         -No matter what students learn, then students who had to learn, not someone else. For the students who had to act actively
·         -Each student will learn according to their ability level
·         -A student will learn better when he gets the direct amplification at each step taken during the learning process occurs
·         -Perfect mastery of every step taken will make the  learning process more meaningful
·         -A student will increase their motivation to learn if he was given the full trust of his responsibilities and learning

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